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SELF Electronics Co., Ltd.

A distinguished designer and manufacturer of linear, puck, flexible, and track lighting solutions

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    No. 1345, Juxian Road, Ningbo Hi-Tech Park, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
SELF Electronics Co., Ltd. is a distinguished designer and manufacturer of linear, puck, flexible, and track lighting solutions for commercial, retail and residential applications that include task, accent, utility and display lighting. SELF is a recognized name in the undercabinet lighting market for its breakthrough technology, performance engineering, trends-setting design and uncompromising quality. With a unique mix of industry resources, manufacturing infrastructure and international network, SELF stands out in the hyper-competitive market by providing value-added products and services. With its forward-thinking approach and differentiating technology portfolio, SELF Electronics is focused fully on addressing today's challenges and producing tomorrow's products.

SELF product portfolio consists of LED linear lights, flexible LED strips, recessed puck lights, LED surface mount lights, LED showcase lights, LED track lighting systems, and battery powered under cabinet lights. SELF manufactures all components for its lighting systems, including power supplies, controllers, sensor switches, Bluetooth systems, dimmers and more. SELF's collection of undercabinet lighting fixtures offers the industry's most extensive range of options. They can be used to add task or utility lighting to supplement the overall ambient lighting for a kitchen, office or workspace, or to give a decorative accent to display shelving for creating sparkle and highlighting texture, color, finish, and 3-dimensional definition of displayed items. SELF sets the standard in undercabinet and other task/accent/display lighting applications where superior optical performance, failsafe reliability, and the attractive design to blend with the environment are highly desired.

Headquartered in Ningbo, China, SELF operates a 58,000 square meter facility equipped with sophisticated tools and machinery, highly automated assembly systems and production lines. A fully staffed R&D and engineering team incorporates long-running expertise in thermal modeling, mechanical design, electrical engineering and optical design. The company's lighting innovations are reflected in its compelling patent portfolio that consists of 200+ invention/utility model patents. SELF takes great pride in its comprehensive development capabilities to efficiently deploy new lighting innovations that start from initial product concept through to industrial design, visual renderings, thermal simulations, electrical analysis, and optical ray-tracing, circuitry design, thermal design, prototype development, lean manufacturing, and product testing.

Product testing is one of the most important elements of in the entire luminaire manufacturing process. SELF implements rigorous quality assurance standards through ISO 9001 registered procedures with traceability from component level through to finished product. At every stage of production SELF's disciplined QC team conducts integrated inspection and testing. The company's fully equipped in-house testing facility has been certified by various outside testing laboratories and institutions such as VDE, SEMKO, UL and CNAS to ensure its products comply to all applicable global and industry standards.
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